One Cool Cat Beard & Mane Conditioning Oil

$ 17.99










This wonderful blend of natural oils will tame, replenish and restore even the most damaged hair. We have combined oils that are known for their conditioning effects on hair and skin. This blend of premium natural oils is one of the best for your beard and hair.

Hempseed Oil-Contains fatty acids,vitamins,protein and minerals that help to moisturize hair, help improve blood flow to the scalp and help to prevent hair breakage.

Argan Oil-Imported directly from Morocco for freshness, Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, minerals that help boost cell production and increases production of keratin in the hair shaft.

Jojoba Oil-Helps prevent hair loss, encourages cell production and helps heal dry scalp and reduce dandruff.

We then added  Fir Needle and Cedar wood for a light and clean fresh scent.

Not just for men! Deeply moisturizes color treated, dry or damaged hair. Leaves your hair looking great.

Generous 2 oz dropper bottle.

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